Note that keynote speakers are in boldface.

Fusheng Bai, Chongqing Normal University, "An Adaptive Framework for Global Optimization of Expensive Functions Based on Response Surface Models."

Robert Baier, University of Bayreuth, "Geometric Calculation of Convex and Nonconvex Subdifferentials for Quasidifferentiable and Directed Subdifferentiable Functions."   Download Slides

Heinz Bauschke, University of British Columbia, "On the Douglas-Rachford algorithm."

Buthinah Abdullatif Bin Dehaish, King Abdulaziz University, "Fixed Point Results for Monotone Nonexpansive Mappings in Metric Spaces."   Download Slides

Jonathan Borwein, University of Newcastle, "Convex analysis on groups and semigroups."   Download Slides

Regina Burachik, University of South Australia, "A duality scheme for dynamically updated Lagrangians for nonconvex and nonsmooth optimization."   Download Slides

Xiaojun Chen, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, "Penalty methods for a class of non-Lipschitz optimization problems."   Download Slides

Jeffrey Christiansen, RMIT University.

Nigel Clay, RMIT University.

Brian Dandurand, RMIT University, "Improvements to the Progressive Hedging method for Computing Lagrangian Dual Bounds in Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programming."   Download Slides

Aris Daniilidis, University of Chile, "Controlling the size of Clarke critical values for Lipschitz functions."

Marc Demange, RMIT University, "The art of BBQ down under: applications to online colouring."   Download Slides

Reinier Diaz-Millan, Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology, Goiânia, Brazil, "Extragradient algorithm for variational inequalities without monotonicity."   Download Slides

Peter Dickinson, University of Twente (Netherlands), "Partitioning Simplices."

Andrew Eberhard, RMIT University, "U-V decomposition, Tilt stability and Manifolds."   Download Slides

Gabriele Eichfelder, TU Ilmenau, "Set optimization and Robust Multi-objective optimization."   Download Slides

Andreas Fischer, TU Dresden, "A globally convergent LP-Newton method."

James Foster, The University of Newcastle.

Rodolfo Garcia-Flores, CSIRO.

Jeya Jeyakumar, University of New South Wales, "Global Polynomial Optimization and Conic Programming."

Yalçın Kaya, University of South Australia, "Shortest Planar Path Planning."

David Kirszenblat, The University of Melbourne, "Minimal curvature-constrained networks."   Download Slides

Alexander Kruger, Federation University Australia, "Transversality of collections of sets: dual characterizations."   Download Slides

Javier León, Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).

Guoyin Li, University of New South Wales, "On two interesting aspects of polynomial optimization."   Download Slides

Jeff Linderoth, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "One Relaxation to Rule Them All: Strong Convex Nonlinear Relaxations of the Pooling Problem."

Scott Lindstrom, University of Newcastle, "The Lambert W Function in Optimization."

Yanqun Liu, RMIT University.

Yousong Luo, RMIT University, "Optimal Wentzell Boundary Control of Parabolic Equations."   Download Slides

Daniel McInnes, Monash University, "Optimisation of gas flows in South Eastern Australia via controllable Markov chains."

Ali Moradi Amani, RMIT University.

Hossein Mohebi, UNSW, "Approximate Global Minimum of the Difference of Increasing and Positively Homogeneous Functions."   Download Slides

Hamid Mokhtar, University of Melbourne, "Cube-connected circulants as an efficient communication network."

Fabrício Oliveira, RMIT University, " Penalty-based Alternating Direction Method for Solving Large-Scale Mixed-Integer Stochastic Problems."   Download Slides

Pablo Parrilo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Dimension reduction for semidefinite programming."   Download Slides

Mahboubeh Rezaie, University of Isfahan, "Enlargement of monotone operators with applications."

Fabian Rigterink, University of Newcastle, "Convex hulls of graphs of bilinear functions on the unit cube."

Vera Roshchina, RMIT University, "Grassmann condition for conic feasibility problems."   Download Slides

Hyam Rubinstein, The University of Melbourne, "Multisections of manifolds."

Tian Sang, RMIT University, "On the conjecture by Demyanov-Ryabova in converting finite exhausters."

James Saunderson, Monash University, Australia, "Semidefinite approximations of the matrix logarithm."

Sergei Schreider, RMIT University, "Optimization methods in water allocation management."   Download Slides

Nadezda Sukhorukova, Swinburne University of Technology, "A generalisation of de la Vallée-Poussin procedure to multivariate polynomials."

Jie Sun, Curtin University, "A Distributionally Robust Model for Multi-Stage Stochastic Optimization."   Download Slides

Julien Ugon, Federation University Australia, "Constructive proof for polynomial spline approximation."   Download Slides

Hamish Waterer, University of Newcastle.

Thomas Weber, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, "Global Optimization on an interval."   Download Slides

David Yost, Federation University Australia, "Meta-optimization: lower bounds for higher faces."

Constantin Zalinescu, Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iaşi, Romania, "Convex series of convex functions with applications to Statistical Mechanics."   Download Slides

Jiapu Zhang, Federation University Australia.